Resort by the Sea

A cozy resort by the sea enveloped by lush greenery of every kind that nature can offer, Villa Igang is the place to hang out in at any time of the day or night... "to behold the mesmerizing dawn just before the first rays of the sun come to view..." "to see the full impact of the noonday sun without getting scorched by it..." "to laze at dusk on a warm sundown waiting for the overcast and lovely cool of evening set in," amidst the delightful little silly noises of crickets and those of some significant little others. And more deep into the night, when the heavens regale the star struck with a panoramic view of the sky dominated by the serene and seductive moon gracefully parading the firmament with her entourage -- the constellation.

Villa Igang is itself the sanctuary of the President Emeritus of JBLF, where she seeks solace when she feels "the world is too much to bear" or when she feels the need to be recharged by nature, or when the romantic side of her beckons for an expression of those heart-rending pangs of joys through her brush and pen (yes, she paints and writes!).

Villa Igang welcomes visitors to its haven in this exquisite piece of nature's delightful legacy. With 23 rooms, seven of which are air-conditioned, Villa Igang is likewise equipped with an open conference room allowing the participants to savor unrestrictedly the fresh sea air. A leisurely walk along the shores of the hilltops in the early morning and early evening, and a swim in the coves of Villa Igang will certainly cap one's unforgettable sojourn in this kingdom by the sea, with the memory of the experience haunting the beholder long after the "trick's over".